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Used Mini Clubman (15-present)
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What should I look for in a used Mini Clubman estate?

Those rear doors may be neat, but it’s easy to forget how far back they extend when you open them, so check the inner edges haven’t been scuffed against a wall; if the paint is damaged, it could lead to rust problems later on.

Lots of Minis came with big wheels and will have been used in tight urban environments, so make sure you check these for kerb damage. Light grazes aren’t too much of an issue, other than cosmetically, but larger scrapes, especially with chunks taken out of the wheels, could point to significant suspension damage. While you’re there, check that there are no scuffs or scrapes to the car’s extremities.

Inside, you’ll want to examine the interior carefully for signs of abuse at the hands of a less-than-careful family; have a look at the plastics for cracks or scrapes and check the seats for stains.

The 1.5-litre petrol engine has been subject to a BMW recall to deal with excessive crankshaft bearing wear; this problem is serious and could lead to considerable engine damage if not remedied. It’s therefore worth checking with your local BMW dealership whether the car you’ve got your eye on is affected – and if it is and the work hasn’t been done, get it booked in as soon as you buy. Better still, get the vendor to get the work done; it should be carried out for free.

Used Mini Clubman (15-present)

What are the most common problems with a used Mini Clubman estate?

Is a used Mini Clubman estate reliable?

Sadly, we don’t have enough data on the Clubman itself, but our 2017 Reliability Survey resulted in the Mini hatchback, on which the Clubman is based, finishing 11th out of 21 small cars in the survey, while Mini itself finished 14th out of 32 manufacturers. In other words, the Clubman’s reputation for reliability is rather average – neither outstandingly brilliant, nor depressingly awful.


Used Mini Clubman (15-present)
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