Used Mini Convertible 14-present

Used Mini Convertible 2014-present review

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What used Mini Convertible sports will I get for my budget?

An early 2016 Cooper model with the 1.5 petrol engine starts at around £14,000, while the diesel Cooper D variant costs a bit more at £14,500-£15,000. The more sprightly Cooper S is more expensive again, with prices starting at £16,000, while the JCW range-topper is the most expensive Mini Convertible you can buy, thanks to a number of performance upgrades. Used examples of the lower models from a Mini Approved used scheme with a full service history should be around £16,000, and expect to pay a little more for a good 2017 car. You'll need between £18,000 and £20,000 for a neat 2018 example with a low or delivery mileage from a franchised dealer. 


 Used Mini Convertible 14-present

How much does it cost to run a Mini Convertible sports?

Fuel economy and road tax costs for most Mini Convertible models are actually rather good. The 1.5 petrol has a combined figure of 57.6mpg and costs £30 to tax, while the 1.5 diesel has a figure of 70.6 mpg and has free road tax.

The Cooper S and JCW versions aren’t quite so cheap to run. The Cooper S has an average figure of 47.1mpg and costs £140 in road tax, while the JCW claims fuel economy of 43.5mpg and commands road tax of £195.

Any Mini Convertible registered after 1 April 2017 will cost you £140 per year in road tax, no matter which engine is in it.

Insurance rates for most versions will be reasonable, although the Cooper S and JCW models will be more costly. Some cars less than three years old may still have some services left under the Mini TLC servicing package that new owners could buy with the car. After three years, Mini has a fixed-price value service scheme with prices that are published on their website.

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