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 Used Mini Convertible 14-present
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Which used Mini Convertible sports should I buy?

Unless you really want to do lots of miles in a convertible Mini, there isn’t much point going for the diesel model. The Cooper S and JCW models are fun but aren’t quite as good to drive as their equivalent hatch versions, so we’d suggest sticking with the standard 1.5 petrol. It is a very impressive engine in its own right and it’s quite economical, too.

This also means we’d stick with the entry-level Cooper model, because that’s the only trim that the 1.5 petrol comes with. However, we’d recommend looking out for cars fitted with the Pepper Pack, because of the extra equipment you get for a little more money. Also, stick with the manual version; it’s a slick gearbox and adds to the fun of driving a Mini.

Our favourite Mini Convertible 1.5 Cooper Pepper Pack

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 Used Mini Convertible 14-present
 Used Mini Convertible 14-present
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