Used Mini Countryman 2017-present review


Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Mini Countryman hatchback?

The most direct rival to the Mini Countryman is the Audi Q2, which is a similarly upmarket small SUV that offers a high-quality interior and a range of impressive engines. As its ride is more controlled and its interior more upmarket, it’s probably the better buy, though it is a little more staid than the Mini in the styling department.

If you’re prepared to accept a slightly less plush interior than either of those cars’, though, there are huge savings to be had by choosing a more mainstream model. For the price of a year-old Mini Countryman, for example, you can have a brand new Seat Arona – or a year-old example of Seat’s other excellent SUV, the Ateca, which is both bigger and better than either.

One other option to look at is the Fiat 500X, which shares a similarly style-conscious bent to the Countryman’s, and might appeal to the fashionista in you. However, its interior isn’t quite as classy and it’s less spacious inside than the Countryman, while its engines can’t match the Mini’s efficiency.

Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present
Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present
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Are most small SUVs just too plain for you? If so, the fun, fashionable Mini Countryman might be the answer

  • Neat handling
  • Potent engines
  • Large boot
  • Unsettled ride
  • Average rear space
  • Expensive to buy