Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present

Used Mini Countryman 2017-present review

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What used Mini Countryman hatchback will I get for my budget?

The Countryman’s not an old car yet, which is why prices are still moving relatively quickly. At the time of writing, they start at around £17,000 – though if you want to check the value of an example you’re looking at buying, you can do so using the free What Car? Valuations tool, at the link below.

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Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present

How much does it cost to run a Mini Countryman hatchback?

The most efficient Countryman – the Cooper SD – achieves a useful 65.7mpg, while even the petrol-powered Cooper S returns a reasonable 45.6mpg. Beware, though, as adding four-wheel drive will dent fuel consumption, so only choose a model with it specified if you spend a lot of time off road.

All Countrymen registered after April 2017 will incur a flat rate of £140 a year in tax (although, in the unlikely event you happen to plump for a top-of-the-range model with loads of options fitted, its higher list price when new might have taken it over the £40,000 threshold for the higher rate of tax, meaning it’ll cost a wince-inducing £450 a year). It’s rare to find a Countryman registered before April 2017, but if you do, your tax bill will likely be rather lower – costs range from £20 a year for the Cooper D to £190 a year for the full-fat John Cooper Works All4.

Servicing costs for the Countryman will be higher than you’ll find for most small SUVs, although they should be broadly on a par with those of its chief premium rival, the Audi Q2.


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