Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014 review


(2007 - 2014)
Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Mini Hatchback hatchback?

The Audi A1 is a very classy small car and is perhaps the closest rival to the Mini. It doesn’t have the style of the Mini, but it does have an easier to use infotainment system and a well-finished interior. You can also find the A1 in five-door form, which makes it a little more practical for those with young children.

The Fiat 500 is a smaller car, but, like the Mini, it’s been styled to look cute. However, it doesn’t drive with the same verve as the Mini and, in some case, its engines aren’t as efficient as the ones used in the Mini.

The Toyota IQ uses its interior space well, meaning it is quite compact on the outside, yet relatively spacious on the inside. Again, it doesn’t drive or perform like the Mini, but it is well built and rather reliable too.

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Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014
Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014
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Effortlessly cool and great fun: the Mini is a great small car, and very desirable as a used buy.

  • Fantastic to drive with great handling
  • A peerless image
  • Perky engines
  • Not very practical
  • Limited rear legroom and a tiny boot
  • Expensive on the used market