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Cooper 2dr

  • Overall verdict4/5
  • What it's like to drive4/5
  • Running costs3/5
  • Quality4/5
  • Average MPG29.7 mpg

I've had this car, with auto box & chilli pack, for a month. It looks great & the handling is excellent especially in sport mode when the steering becomes a bit heavier. The ride is reasonably settled on the standard suspension & 17in wheels. The main downside to the driving experience is the auto box which is slow to change up & quick to change down. The changes are far from subtle especially compared to the DSG on my last car. In sport mode, however, when driven enuthiastically the box makes the most out of the punchy 1.6T, keeping it in a flexible part of the rev range. It's thirsty - admittedly most of my driving is in town & the MPG does creep up on longer journeys - but my insurance costs are reasonable & the TLC makes the servicing a good deal too. With the auto box the road tax is on the high side. It's a shame really given that most modern automatics are at least as efficient as their manual counterparts. This box feels dated & is hopefully something Mini will fix in the future, including stretching their 'minimalism' tech to automatics the way BMW does with their efficient dynamic kit. It's stylish inside (at the expensive of ergonomics) & easy to personalise but there is a strange mix of lavish materials & hard plastics. The seats are comfy & fairly adjustable. There is a myriad of (costly) options and some missing standard kit like a trip computer which came with the chilli pack. Overall a great car but the auto box should be well considered before buying

David Wotherspoon, Antrim, April 15th 2013

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