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Advice for buyers

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4?

It is unlikely that those chunky tyres will let you kerb the alloy wheels, but you should check the sidewall of the tyre itself to make sure there are no nasty cuts or gashes in them. If there are, it could compromise the structure and you run the risk of a high-speed blowout.

The interior isn’t finished in the nicest of plastics and can be scratched. Make sure that everything is in reasonable order before you commit to buy.

Since this is still a genuine off-road vehicle with a separate chassis, take a look underneath the car for signs of damage. Also look for excessive amounts of mud, because this can trap water and lead to premature corrosion.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

What are the most common problems with a used Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4?

Spare tyre security

The spare wheel is exposed under the boot floor of the vehicle and could be vulnerable to the opportunist thief. Make sure any security devices that came with the car are still present and correct; otherwise you could be footing the bill for a new alloy wheel and tyre.

Indicator stalk on the opposite side

Moving the indicator stalk to the more traditional left-hand side of the steering column was not included in the right-hand-drive conversion, which means you’ll often put on the wipers when you wish to signal where you’re going. At least until you get used to it.

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Is a used Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4 reliable?

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport
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