Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport review


Manufacturer price from:£39,840
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The driving position is fairly decent, although the steering wheel could do with more adjustment for rake and reach. The seats feel quite comfortable and spongey but lack side support, so you’ll be squirming around quite a lot through corners. Visibility is good, with a fine view out of the front and some big door mirrors.

It’s worth noting that because UK Shogun Sports are based on Australian models, the steering wheel stalks are the other way round to what you would expect. So that means the indicators are controlled via the right one and the wipers via the left. This isn’t necessarily something to mark the car down on; it just takes a bit of adjustment the first few times you drive the car.

The kindest thing to say about the infotainment system is that it offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, so when you get frustrated with the slow and convoluted Mitsubishi system, you can just plug in your smartphone and use that instead.

Meanwhile, the Shogun Sport’s interior feels particularly low-rent. The buttons and dials feel cheap and you won’t find any squishy plastics anywhere. Instead, the interior is made of scratchy black plastic with a few unconvincing metallic trims. Still, it may not be pretty, but it’ll undoubtedly be hard-wearing.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport
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