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To take the first steps to selling through the What Car? new car buyer marketplace, please give us your contact details and some information about your dealership. Please fill out all fields so we can better serve you.

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If you have any questions in the meantime, please see our FAQs below.

Your questions answered

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    What makes WhatCar? New car buyer marketplace different from other new car internet sales sites.

    1 What Car? is the UK’s most trusted new car research guide. Every month, 2.5 million people visit - and one-in-five are actively looking to buy a new car.

    The What Car? new car buyer marketplace has been designed with the car industry for the car industry, working in the best interests of new-car buyers and sellers alike. We don’t just want to help you sell new cars; we want to help you market more efficiently and build lasting, valuable relationships with new-car buyers in your immediate area.

  2. 2

    How does it work?

    Using our industry-developed pricing tool, you simply apply your preferred deals to individual models and the prices will be passed on to our users. You can update these prices live, and as often as you like. In-market buyers will then contact you through the site regarding specific deals and you can finalise the sale.

  3. 3

    Are there any restrictions to the number of deals I can offer?

    You can apply deals on up to 100 model variants.

  4. 4

    How much does it cost? Do you charge on a per lead basis?

    We do not charge on a per lead basis, instead we charge a subscription fee of £150 per month.