1. How can I save money on insurance?

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What is the best way for me to cut my insurance premiums?

Insurers have a perfect driver in mind when they're offering quotes, but having a sex change or moving house to cut your premiums isn't always possible. Try these pointers instead.

β€’ Shop around. It might be time-consuming to repeat your details to several providers but you could save lots of money. Try an online comparison service.

β€’ Resist the temptation to add your children to your own insurance. They won't build up no-claims discounts, so will just be delaying the expensive early years until a later date.

β€’ Adding your parents as named drivers to your policy can cut premiums.

β€’ Agreeing to pay a higher excess should you need to make a claim will bring the cost of cover down, as will agreeing to a limited number of miles each year.

β€’ You might not be able to keep your car in a garage, but ask insurers what security devices they approve and how much of a discount they take off your premium.

β€’ Paying up front instead of in monthly instalments is usually cheaper.

β€’ Consider taking an advanced driving course, such as Pass Plus (www.passplus.org.uk)

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