1st Britax Cosy Tot Premium 94.99

16 April 2008
1st Britax Cosy Tot Premium 94.99

Britax Cosy Tot Premium
Colour schemes Six
Weight 3.5 kilos
RRP Seat 94.99, optional base 99.99


The Cosy Tot Premium is well cushioned and has a deep design that wraps around your baby's head, although the strap padding could be thicker. The sun-shade attaches to the carry-handle, but since this doesn't come that far over the seat, there isn't as much coverage as with other seats. Covers are removable for machine washing.

Ease of operation
If you haven't got the base, seatbelt routing is over the top of the seat, so it's still simple to get it in and out of the car. The headrest and buckles adjust very easily with one pull, while the straps also tighten with a simple tug. The buckle isn't complicated and gives a satisfying click when fixed properly.

The seat is par for the course in terms of price. As with other seat and base combinations, the cost starts to stack up when you add in the optional base, but discounts are readily available online. Just remember to try out the seat in your car before you order.

The seat fabrics, straps, buckles and plastic all feel of good quality, although the sun-shade is a bit flimsy. The ISOFIX base also seems well built, but like many it does rattle on the move, especially if the seat isn't in place.

Special features
The ISOFIX base is convenient and easy to fit. It ratchets up securely against the back of the car's seat and has a top section to hold the child seat steady in an accident. A leg that extends to the car floor provides additional security, because it helps keep the seat static. Slotting the child seat into the base takes only a second and there's a colour indicator to let you know you've done it properly. Releasing the seat is also very simple, and it can also be used with travel systems.