2014 Citroen DS3 DSport Pink review

* New Citroen DS3 Pink driven in UK * Available on DStyle and DSport trims, and brings extra kit * On sale now, priced from 15,675...

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Rory White
20 March 2014

2014 Citroen DS3 DSport Pink review

Citroen DS3 buyers have more choice than ever, because Citroen has added two special edition Pink models to the line-up. 

These models are based on the existing DStyle and DSport trims, but add more equipment, and a fuchsia pink roof, door mirrors, wheel centre caps, dash and gearlever.

You can choose either black or white as the main body colour with matching alloy wheels, but engine choices remain the same as the regular trims. 

That means the DStyle Pink is available with either a 118bhp 1.6-litre petrol or 89bhp 1.6 diesel engine, while the DSport Pink gets either a 153bhp 1.6 turbo petrol or a 113bhp 1.6 diesel.

What’s the 2014 Citroen DS3 DSport Pink like to drive?

There are no mechanical changes, so the 1.6 turbo petrol engine we tried still pulls strongly from below 1500rpm, and delivers its power smoothly in a free-revving manner. 

Unfortunately, the DS3 remains unexciting to drive. Although there’s a reasonable amount of grip, the steering remains vague and lifeless when cornering hard. Body control isn't especially tight, either, so the Citroen doesn't appreciate being asked to change direction quickly.

The fact that the DS3 crashes over imperfections in town and doesn’t respond well to mid-corner potholes and expansion joints also becomes tiresome. 

Like the non-turbocharged 1.6 petrols in the range, the turbocharged unit does boom in the cabin when worked hard but settles down to a muted hum at constant motorway speeds. 

Wind noise isn't much of an issue, either, but our car's standard 17-inch alloy wheels kicked up plenty of tyre noise, while the vague clutch action makes it tricky to gauge where the biting point is. 

What’s the 2014 Citroen DS3 DSport Pink like inside?

There’s lots of space for tall passengers in the front, and plenty of adjustment in both the steering wheel and driver’s seat, so getting comfortable is easy. 

All-round visibility is also decent, and the DS3’s dash backs up its funky pink colour-coded theme with solid build quality and some soft-touch plastics. That said, it still falls short of the Audi A1's cabin for sheer quality and ease of use. 

The DS3's rear cabin isn’t as spacious as a Mini’s; tall adults will struggle for legroom behind a tall driver, and will find their heads touching the ceiling. That said, the cabin is fairly wide, so there's a relatively decent amount of shoulder-room. 

The A1 and Mini can’t compete with the DS3’s 285 litres of boot space, though, which stays a practical square shape and has a wide opening to ensure loading bulky items is easy. 

DStyle-based Pink edition cars add the pink accents, white or black alloy wheels and an upgraded stereo system to the trim’s standard air-con, Bluetooth and LED daytime running lights.

Standard DSport models add climate control, while the Pink upgrade to this trim brings the same colour changes and uprated stereo, but also adds Citroen’s City Signature pack, which consists of rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and a front armrest.

Should I buy one?

The 1.6 turbo petrol in DSport trim remains our favourite DS3, but as long you’re comfortable with the idea of driving a partially pink car, the Pink edition actually makes a fair amount of sense. 

That’s because although it costs £325 more to buy than the standard DSport, the extra kit you get would normally cost £900. 

On the other hand, DStyle-based Pink models make less sense, because they cost an extra £300, yet only offer £350 worth of extra equipment. 

Overall, though, at £17,800 even the 1.6 THP Pink looks expensive compared with the Mini Cooper and Audi A1 1.4 140 TSI, both of which have classier cabins, better resale values and are considerably better to drive, even if they're not quite as quick.

What Car? says…


Audi A1

Mini Cooper

Citroën DS3 DSport Pink 1.6 THP 155

Engine size 1.6-litre turbo petrol

Price from £17,800

Power 153bhp

Torque 177lb ft

0-62mph 7.3sec

Top speed 135mph

Fuel economy 48.7mpg

CO2 135g/km