2017 DS 7 Crossback reader test team review

This rival to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 will go on sale early next year, priced from around Β£30,000. Will any of our readers be buying it?

Words By Kris Culmer

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Neil Osborn

Age: 57 Job: Town planning consultant Drives: Mercedes-AMG C63

β€œI’m after a new daily car, and while the obvious SUV for me is the Mercedes-Benz GLC, I’m interested to see what DS can do as a brand.

β€œThe 7 Crossback’s shape is pretty generic. The front is distinctive, but the rear is so Audi-like that it’s almost painful. However, there’s lots of very detailed β€˜jewellery’ such as the grille and the lights, which are fantastic. Plus, the Active LED system is potentially a real step forward for adaptive lighting.

β€œHaving a leather dashboard, soft-touch materials and good build quality puts the interior up there. In some regards, it’s better than the Porsche Macan’s.

β€œThe bold interior colours on offer are great, because most rivals offer just grey and black. It certainly lives up to DS’s β€˜avant-garde’ ambitions.

β€œThe infotainment screen is fantastic; it’s large and you can easily hit the important icons.

β€œHaving previously owned a 3, I know DS’s engines are strong, so it should be good to drive, too.

β€œOverall, this is a good car to lead DS forward as a brand. Going towards that very French haute couture image is exactly the right thing to do; leave the Germans to do German stuff.”

Rated 4 out of 5

Alex Moores

Age: 35 Job: Writer Drives: Volvo XC60

β€œWhen I buy a new car, it will be a family SUV to replace my XC60, which is a great all-rounder.

β€œThe 7 Crossback’s technology is great. It has a comprehensive infotainment system on a large screen, and digital instruments.

β€œYou could fit a bicycle in the boot if you folded the rear seats down; it’s bigger than the XC60’s.

β€œI need to get a child seat in, so I’m pleased there’s lots of room in the back, the ride is high and the door openings are large. The reclining rear seats are great, too.

β€œLeather seats are a must for a premium car, and I think the quilted look of these makes a positive difference – although I’d be worried about cleaning them.

β€œI like the continuity of the β€˜diamond’ design scheme, which is apparent from the seats to the infotainment to the headlights.

β€œThe front of the car reminds me of the Lexus NX, with that prominent grille. SUVs are so common that it’s hard to stand out, and while the 7 Crossback looks a little familiar, I think it manages to do so quite well.

β€œIt’s a potential deal-breaker that there’s no four-wheel drive; an SUV should be about stability and security. There is a suite of electronic safety aids, though.”

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