2017 Range Rover Velar - exclusive reader test team preview

Join us for an exclusive preview of the new Range Rover Velar on Saturday 20 May

Words By Kris Culmer

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Join What Car? for an exclusive preview of the new Range Rover Velar on Saturday 20 May 2017 in Solihull, West Midlands.

You well also get to take the 'Range Rover Story' tour at the Land Rover factory.

The new Velar will sit between the smaller Evoque, which costs from Β£31,000, and the larger Sport, which costs from Β£59,700, in the Range Rover line-up, being priced from Β£44,830.

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It will rival premium large SUVs such as the BMW X6, Jaguar F-Pace and Porsche Macan.

The Velar has Range Rover design signatures, yet with sleeker, less cluttered lines; even the exterior door handles sit flush with the body, only sliding out when you approach the car carrying the key.

This isn't purely a fashion item, though; after all, this is a car made by Land Rover. The Velar is a roomy five-seater, and is the first Range Rover to be offered with fabric upholstery as well as leather.

The boot is large and well shaped, and the easy-to-drop rear seats leave a flat extended boot floor.

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Up front, there's a technological renewal with a new infotainment system on one of three digital displays. The main touchscreen automatically pivots forward from the dashboard when you start the engine, while a second controls secondary systems, such as the air conditioning and off-road driving modes. The third is a digital instrument dial display.

For engines, the cheapest option a 178bhp 2.0-litre diesel. A 237bhp version of this is also available, while the entry-level petrol is a 247bhp 2.0-litre turbo. A 296bhp 2.0-litre petrol will be added to the range later this year, fitting beneath the supercharged 375bhp 3.0-litre V6 petrol that’s on sale from the car's July launch.

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At the event, you'll get a close-up look of the car and a Q&A opportunity with the Land Rover team, before being interviewed for the magazine.

To apply, email the following information to readertestteam@haynet.com

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  • Your age
  • Your mobile number
  • Your occupation
  • What car you currently drive
  • Where you'll be travelling from on the day
  • Why you want to see the new Range Rover Velar

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