2018 BMW X5 revealed – price, specs and release date

Everything you need to know about the new fourth-generation version of BMW's luxury SUV...

1. 2018 BMW X5 revealed – price, specs and release date
2018 BMW X5 front
2018 BMW X5 nose
2018 BMW X5 boot
2018 BMW X5 dashboard
2018 BMW X5 rear seats
2018 BMW X5 side
2018 BMW X5 centre console
2018 BMW X5 off-roading
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On sale Late 2018 Price from £56,710

You might think that that the BMW X5 is still a relatively recent addition to the company's range, but the truth is it’s been around for almost two decades. Indeed, it was launched in 2000, when audiences were still flocking to see the first Harry Potter movie, and Nokia rather Apple was making the mobile phone everyone wanted.

Above all, that first X5 owed its success to the fact it was one of the first large SUVs to put on-road comfort and driving fun before the ability to summit the nearest mountain. However, these days the competition is much tougher, so the new X5 definitely has its work cut out. Here we've pulled together everything you need to know about it.

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