2018 Hyundai Kona Electric verdict

With an impressive real-world range and a competitive starting price, could the Hyundai Kona Electric be the green car we’ve all been waiting for?

Words By Neil Winn

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Hyundai Kona Electric

Getting the car-buying public to accept electric powertrains is a challenge that, until now, has only been achieved by one premium manufacturer: Tesla. However, after sampling the Kona Electric, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hyundai will soon be considered the next big disrupter in the electric car market.

With a real-world range of around 200 miles and a starting price of just Β£29,495 (that before the Government's Β£4500 grant), the entry-level 39kWh β€˜small battery’ version of the Kona Electric represents a real threat to the bigger-selling electric cars.

The 64kWh version that we tested on launch might be a tougher sell to some, due to its Β£33,995 list price. But it’ll earn the consideration of others for its range alone, which, our test route suggested, should comfortably work out to be worth every mile of real-world motoring that the official tests suggest.

Indeed, if we were to draw up a Venn diagram of the electric car market, the Kona would be slap bang in the middle, with both versions offering just enough usability and convenience to meet most peoples needs while still coming in at a competitive price. Factor in that the majority of car buyers are now predisposed towards an SUV bodystyle and it looks like Hyundai could have a real winner on its hands.

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Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh

Price Β£33,995 Engine Electric motor Power 201bhp Torque 291lb ft Gearbox Single-speed 0-62mph 7.6sec Top speed 104mph Electric range 300 miles (official) CO2, tax band 0g/km, 13%

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