2018 Volvo V60 reader test team review

Can Volvo continue its winning streak with this new mid-sized V60 estate? What Car? readers give their verdict...

2018 Volvo V60 reader test team review

Few brands have capitalised upon the SUV revolution quite so triumphantly as Volvo. Its XC90 seven-seater remains a big seller, as does its smaller XC60, while its latest effort, the XC40, won our 2018 Car of the Year Award.

But estates are a mainstay for the brand, and its latest is this new V60, which it claims will be a leader in terms of space, luxury, tech and safety. Indeed, it has a bigger boot than any rival, while its interior is plusher than its predecessor’s and features a new infotainment touchscreen and digital instrument display. Lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking are standard, with more safety systems as options.

From the off, the V60 will offer a 247bhp petrol engine and diesel units with 148bhp and 187bhp. A plug-in hybrid model will arrive shortly after.

Having driven the car, we’ve given it four stars, but will our readers agree? We invited them to view it at Volvo’s UK headquarters to find out.

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Jasmeet Bhelay

Jasmeet Bhelay

Age: 32 Job: Metallurgist Drives: Citroën C6

“It’s a dream of mine to go on road trips around Europe, and an estate seems best suited for that.

“The V60’s boot is certainly big enough, but I also really like the little practical features such as dividers, hooks and the buttons in the boot that fold the rear seats.

“This car manages to retain Volvo’s core elements while being much more stylish. It’s spacious and uses materials that are of premium standard yet still hard-wearing and easy to clean.

“The new infotainment system is great, but it would be more distracting to use while you’re driving than physical buttons, so I’m glad you get voice control.

“The V60’s rear is very comfy; I could quite easily sleep in those seats. And having extra air vents in the back pillars is a great idea.

“I love the [£1200] sunroof; it’s unusually large and lets in a lot of light, but it’s also tinted. And it still leaves plenty of head room.

“Most of my driving is on the motorway, so having the safety net of systems such as lane-keeping assist and blindspot monitoring is really valuable.

“Ride comfort is far more important to me than sportiness, so if Volvo has stuck by that, my rating will go up to five stars.”

Rating: Rated 4 out of 5

Austin Cryne

Austin Cryne

Age: 65 Job: Retired Drives: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

“The V60 is directly comparable to my car, so it could well be my next purchase.

“There’s a lot of interesting technology on offer. The smartphone connectivity and suchlike don’t appeal to me, but I can see that’s how things are going. My priorities are the memory function for the front seats and adaptive cruise control. Disappointingly, the latter is part of an option pack [£1400].

“The 12.3in digital instrument display is impressive. It’s very useful and crystal clear – as is the 9.3in infotainment touchscreen.

“A reliable automatic gearbox is important to me. I’ve had two Volkswagen DSG dual-clutch units break, so I’m pleased to hear that the V60 uses a traditional torque converter.

“The driving position is very good. I’m 6ft tall, yet I have plenty of head room and the adjustment is vast – especially with the fully electric seats that you get on the pricier trims.

“In some ways the V60 can match up to my Mercedes, but in others it can’t. For example, the switches are of similar quality, but some materials, like those in the boot, feel cheaper.

“I need a car that’s practical enough for my grandchildren and dogs, and the V60 is. Its boot is sufficiently large, although I’m a little disappointed that a net to separate the boot from the passenger area isn’t standard.”

Rating: Rated 4 out of 5

John Boland

John Boland

Age: 36 Job: Data analyst Drives: Volvo V60

“My V60 is perfect for family life with my two kids, and it’s one of the most stylish cars in its class.

“Yet Volvo has managed to take the looks to the next level with this new model. It has great lines and a slick profile; boxy estates seem so far in the past now. This is a car you’d want to be seen in.

“I love Volvo’s ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights, too, because they look good and they’re adaptive, so they won’t dazzle oncoming drivers.

“The large boot will make life easy, as will the powered tailgate, and the option of foot-activated hands-free opening is great.

“There’s loads of space for passengers, too, which should keep adults and children relaxed.

“But the biggest improvement inside is the new 9.3in portrait infotainment touchscreen. It seems easy to use and will make long journeys more of a pleasure.

“One of Volvo’s biggest selling points has to be its reputation for safety, and active systems such as automatic emergency braking hold huge appeal for me.

“Despite the political upheaval around diesel, it will remain my fuel of choice, because my V60 is incredibly economical on the motorway and the latest diesel engines are actually very clean.”

Rating: Rated 5 out of 5

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