2019 Toyota Rav4 - verdict

The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 is a mixed bag, but read on to find out why it shouldn't be overlooked...

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John Howell
16 January 2018

Toyota RAV4 head on shot

There are cheaper, more practical and better-driving large SUVs, chief among which are the Peugeot 5008 and Mazda CX-5. They remain our top picks. But that’s ignoring the RAV4’s undoubted hybrid appeal. It’s priced competitively next to its direct rival, the Honda CR-V Hybrid, and comes similarly well equipped. And, although it’s not as roomy inside, the RAV4’s trump card is the potential for exceedingly low running costs.

You see, company car users will find the benefit-in-kind rates very enticing, with CO2 emissions as low as 102g/km – far better than anything in the class, the CR-V Hybrid included. Private buyers are looked after, too, with what are predicted to be gold standard resale values. And while overall fuel economy is unlikely to match the best diesels, we managed a respectable touring figure of around 48mpg, and if you live in the city, that’s where hybrids are notoriously frugal. More than ever, that’s why the new Toyota RAV4 shouldn’t be overlooked.

What Car? rating: 4 out of 5

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Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid CVT FWD Design specification

Price £31,190 Engine 4cyl, 2487cc, petrol Power 215bhp at 5700rpm (combined) Torque 163lb ft at 3600-5200rpm (engine only) Gearbox CVT automatic 0-62mph 8.1sec Top speed 112mph Kerb weight 1590-1680kg Economy 49.2-51.2mpg CO2 102g/km Rivals Peugeot 5008, Honda CR-V