25 most unreliable new cars

Some cars motor along for years without missing a beat, but others are afflicted by fault after fault. Here's our round-up of the most problematic 25 cars aged up to four years old...

Land Rover Discovery Sport
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Claire Evans
19 Dec 2017 10:11
Land Rover Discovery Sport

5. Land Rover Discovery Sport (2015-present)

Score 74.7%

A woeful 51% of Discovery Sport owners reported at least one fault with their cars. There were reports of faults in almost every area of the car, and the three most frequently cited were the bodywork and engine and non-engine electrics. The only good news is that almost half of the cars could still be driven and all were fixed for free under warranty. 

Range Rover Evoque

4. Range Rover Evoque (2011-present) 

Score 73.2%

The Range Rover Evoque isn't as bad as its larger stablemate; 45% of cars had a problem. The exhaust (15%) was worst, then interior trim and engine and non-engine electrics (both 13%). Most remained drivable and two-thirds were fixed in less than a week, but a few owners paid up to £1500.

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Ford Edge

3. Ford Edge (2016-present)

Score 70.7%

The Ford Edge is on a similar level as the Range Rover, with 54% of cars presenting a problem. The most common troubles concerned bodywork (25%), air-con (21%) and non-engine electrics (18%). Most cars could still be driven and were repaired in less than a week, with all work done under warranty, though.

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Range Rover

2. Range Rover (2013-present)

Score 67.3%

Half of the Range Rover owners who completed the survey told us their car had a fault. Non-engine electrics were the most common issue, while a worrying 17% of cars had suspension problems. Nearly a third of cars were undrivable and two-thirds were off the road for more than a week.

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Tesla Model S

1. Tesla Model S (2013-present) 

Score 50.9%

Although the Tesla Model S's electric powertrain is proving reliable, the same can’t be said of its electrical systems or bodywork. Issues reported by owners included bent seat frames, broken door handles and parking sensor failures. Just over half of the cars were out of action for at least a week and some fixes cost more than £1500.

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