2nd Michelin Hi-Power 38.99

2nd Michelin Hi-Power 38.99

Michelin Hi-power Rapid Tyre Inflator 12262
RRP 38.99
Best price 27.89 on Amazon.co.uk
Weight 1.70kg

For Super-fast inflation; nicely made; handy features
Against Quite bulky


Only 13 seconds behind the fastest inflator, with a time of four minutes 22 seconds. The Michelin was more accurate, though, and its digital gauge was only one PSI out (it read 30 PSI when the true pressure was 31 PSI). It was super-steady when pumping, too, and not that noisy. It's probably the best overall for performance in our tests.

Ease of operation
The preset auto cut-off made inflating simply a case of choosing a pressure, plugging it in and switching it on. The cake-shape styling might look good, but the design isnt great for practicality: unless youve got big hands, youll need to use both of them to move it about. A cubbyhole on the base on the unit kept the power lead tucked out of the way when wed finished pumping.

The cheapest price we found was 29.99 at Halfords. Thats only a fiver more than the cheaper Michelin unit (the 12V Digital Inflator) and well worth the extra cash, we reckon. There are cheaper and more compact units, but if space in your boot isnt hard to come by the High Power is tough to beat.

Looked as good as a tyre inflator can, and felt nicely bolted together. The aluminium fins around the side gave the Michelin a more solid feel than most of the units here, and we reckon the sturdy screw-on tyre valve connection should last a while. The rubber pads on the base killed any vibrations from the electric motor, too.

Special features
Comes with some bright LED lights on the front handy if youre trying to find your way around a flat tyre in the dark. The preset auto cut-off feature was useful, too, and meant we didnt have to constantly keep our eyes on the pressure gauge when pumping up a tyre. All you do is dial in the desired pressure, and the unit switches itself off when the tyre is fully inflated.