6th Webasto Light

Words ByJim Holder

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An article image
An article image

Webasto Light
Summary Roof manufacturer builds entire car
Mad rating7/10
Chances of seeing production150-1

Webasto has a long history of producing roofs for cars removable hardtops, retractable soft tops, sunroofs, you name it, they've done it.

Whether this qualifies them to build an entire car, we're not sure, but it hasn't stopped them trying.

This is the Webasto Light, and perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that it's standout feature is a roof built using new techniques.

Built using a process called spray moulding, it weighs just 13kg and folds down over the car's bootlid, taking up almost no luggage space.

Despite its light and compact build, company officials insists that it is strong enough and soundproofed enough to withstand everyday road conditions.