7 reasons to buy a Range Rover Evoque

If you want a small SUV with big badge appeal, then the Range Rover Evoque is one of the best cars around. Here are seven reasons why it deserves a place on your driveway...

7 reasons to buy a Range Rover Evoque

Small SUVs are big business at the moment and among the most popular cars on UK roads. Our class leader in this market, and our current Small SUV of the Year, is the Nissan Qashqai, but if you're after a more premium offering, then it's worth looking at the Range Rover Evoque.

Sitting alongside other premium small SUVs like the Volkswagen Tiguan, Audi Q3 and BMW X1, the Evoque trades on its looks – which are designed to give it the same aggressive design as the larger Range Rover – and on its go-anywhere off-road capability.

Read on to discover why the Range Rover Evoque deserves a place on your shortlist.

7 reasons to buy a Range Rover Evoque

7. Range Rover lookalike

Plenty of motorists will mistake your car for a full-size Range Rover, and that's part of the Evoque's enduring appeal. The menacing design hints at its great off-road capability, too, even if you always stay on the asphalt.

6. Quick steering

The Evoque steers with the speed and sharpness of a family hatchback rather than the heft of an SUV, which is great if you'll be sticking to urban steets. It can make the car feel nervous at motorway speeds, though.

5. Quality interior

The Evoque's interior features supportive front seats and a dashboard which, though fiddly in places to use, is thoughtfully laid out. Most of the interior materials are of a high quality, too.

7 reasons to buy a Range Rover Evoque

4. Strong resale values

Such is the popularity of the Evoque that most models hold their value very well, which is good news if you're wanting to spend more on a high-end model.

3. Range Rover badge

Range Rovers are considered to be some of the most desirable cars on the market right now, and with the Evoque range starting from £30,600, it's by far the cheapest way of owning one.

2. Luxury at every level

Even entry-level versions of the Evoque feel luxurious. All models come with heated leather seats, dual-zone climate control, 18in alloy wheels and an 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system.

1. Plenty of safety features

Every Evoque gets seven airbags, hill-hold assistance, stability control and a tyre pressure monitoring system, as well as automatic emergency braking. It gets a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, too.

Despite its premium image, the Evoque isn't all that exciting to drive, and in terms of seating flexibility and boot space it doesn't provide anything special over other cars in this class, either. Refinement leaves a little to be desired, too, as there's plenty of wind noise at speed.

What about buying used?

7 reasons to buy a Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque was launched back in 2011, so it is still a relatively new car. As such, we don't have a used car review for it yet, but current owners have reported a multitude of mechanical and electrical problems. As such, always take any car you're considering for a thorough test drive, look at the service history and check whether basic care and maintenance has been carried out.

In particular, owners have reported issues with the car's automatic gearbox and with the tailgate alignment causing the car's reversing camera to not show a full picture.

You'll want to budget around £17,000 for a well-worn Evoque,and upwards of £19,500 for a decent example with medium mileage. We'd look for TD4 versions of the Evoque, as this engine gets four-wheel drive as standard.

What next?

7 reasons to buy a Range Rover Evoque

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