9. Halfords Bug & Tar Remover

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An article image
An article image

Best price: 3.99 (Halfords)
Capacity: 500ml
Type: Spray

For: Effective and cheap for this type of remover
Against:Not good for quick touch-up work

Like the two Turtlewax products on test, the Halfords remover is more like a polish. Halfords fluid is the cheaper of the three and worked well once it had been left to act for a minute.

Cheaper than both Turtlewax removers.

Ease of Use:
Residue needs to be washed off, which makes the process more involved fine if you were planning to wash your car anyway, but not for a quick clean up.

Special features/Limitations:
Can be used to remove a wide range of contaminants from glass and painted surfaces, but not rough, unpainted plastics.