All the cars you can get on 0% APR finance

Hatchbacks, SUVs and even luxury cars are available on 0% finance, meaning you can spread the cost without being charged interest.....

Walk into a showroom with a suitcase full of cash 10 years ago and you would have had sales staff fighting each other off to help you spend it on a shiny new car.Image 1 of 39

However, that’s no longer the case; even if you do have the money to buy a new car outright, in many cases you’re now better off entering a finance agreement instead.

One reason for this is that dealers no longer make big margins on sales, with finance one area in which they can claw back some dividends. Indeed, some are so keen to push these schemes that they're offering 0% APR finance, meaning you can spread the cost over multiple instalments without getting charged interest.

Sound appealing? Well, here we've compiled a list of the cars available on 0% APR finance which currently have a four-star What Car? rating or higher.

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