Any winter tyres?

* Winter tyres shortage until January * 87.5% of stockists not expecting more this year * Most popular size in UK in short supply...

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What Car? Staff
21 December 2010

Any winter tyres?

Ford winter tyres
The Fords normal winter tyres were elusive, but we found three sets immediately available. One set of Bridgestones for 400 (fitting and VAT included) in Leeds. ATS Euromaster in Smethwick had Avon winter tyres at 98 per corner, while in Erdington there was a full set of Michelin Alpines for 444 (fitting and VAT included). Our calls revealed that the average cost of a full set of new winter tyres is 475.73.

A worrying 87.5% of outlets we called said wed have to wait for their next deliveries - scheduled for late January/early February. Some claimed theyd have tyres by the end of the week due to poor weather halting an earlier delivery of stock.

BMW winter tyres
Finding tyres for our BMW proved more problematic. While many outlets offered standard tyres, they had no runflats at all.

BMW dealers are offering a complete wheel-and-tyre-change for winter. The dealers we spoke to are charging between 849 (16-inch steel wheels & tyres) and 1420 (17-inch alloys & tyres) for the winter package, but both quoted a five-day wait as a minimum.