Audi A7 Sportback vs BMW 5 Series vs Jaguar XF

The new Jaguar XF means business, but is it the best large executive car, or would you be better off with an Audi A7 Sportback or BMW 5 Series?

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Jaguar XF front

What will they cost?

The first and most obvious difference here is that, however you're buying, the BMW 5 Series is usefully cheaper than the others. If you're in the unusual situation of wanting to buy one of these cars outright, haggling will get you the 5 Series for around Β£11,500 less than the Jaguar XF and Β£9000 less than the Audi A7 Sportback.

It's a closer fight when it comes to leasing, although the 5 Series is still the cheapest at Β£479 per month, while the XF and A7 both come in at just less than Β£550.

The 5 Series' run of good value continues if you're buying on finance. Put down a Β£7k deposit on a three-year, 12,000-mile contract and you'll pay Β£385 a month, compared with Β£481 for the A7 and Β£719 for the XF.

A lower list price also makes the 5 Series the cheapest company car, with benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax costing Β£382 per month, compared with Β£423 for the A7 and Β£431 for the XF.

All of these cars come pretty well equipped, with sat-nav, Bluetooth, leather upholstery. auto lights and wipers, cruise and climate controls, front and rear parking sensors and heated front seats. However, the 5 Series is the only one that doesn't get keyless entry and it has smaller alloys than its rivals, although it is alone in having metallic paint as standard.

The XF has the biggest colour screen and a reversing camera, while the A7 counters with four-zone climate control and full LED headlights and tail-lights.

The A7 is yet to be crash tested by Euro NCAP, and while the 5 Series and XF both achieved the maximum five-star rating, the XF is the only car here that gets a lane departure warning system, automatic emergency braking (below 50mph) and a system that displays the speed limit in front of the driver.

All three are rated equally highly by Thatcham for resisting break-ins and being stolen, though.

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