Audi A7

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What Car? Staff
29 Sep 2010 14:49 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Weve already spent some time with Audis latest executive hatchback-cum-coupe, but this is the first motor show its appeared at before it officially goes on sale in January.

As with the A5 Sportback, there are just four seats inside, but passengers arent left wanting for much, as every model gets leather upholstery, heated electric seats and a powered tailgate.

The car is big, spacious and packed to the gunwales with technology. Theres a system thatll parallel park the car for you it does the steering, while you do the throttle and brake and Night Assist, which will spot something such as a pedestrian wandering in front of you in the dead of night. You can spend even more to add a GPRS module that downloads news and weather from Google. Last but not least, how about your own little wi-fi network within the car?