Audi and Seat offer winter tyre services

* Winter tyres for cooler conditions * Audi tyres fitted from 550 * Read our winter tyre test...

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What Car? Staff
26 September 2011

Audi and Seat offer winter tyre services

Audi and Seat owners are being urged to swap their summer tyres for winter versions as colder weather approaches.

Audi deals
Audi is offering to replace tyre sets or wheel-and-tyre sets for drivers of most models, including all of its current line-up. Winter tyres fitted to your current wheels will cost from 550, while adding winter alloys (from 16- to 19-inch) will cost from 792.

Wheel-and-tyre sets include storage bags for the summer wheels, with some Audi centres able to store them for an additional fee.

Seat deals
Seat dealers will give owners advice on the best tyres to choose, while also offering winter accessories ranging from spare bulbs to incident safety kits.

Seat has carried out tests to demonstrate the benefits of using winter tyres over summer rubber. Using near-identical Ibizas on an ice rink, the summer tyre-shod car took an extra four metres to stop from 15mph than the car with winter tyres.