Audi considering Porsche Cayman rival

* Audi could make model to sit between TT and R8 * Next R8 could be even more powerful * Mid-engined R4 could arrive by 2015...

Audi considering Porsche Cayman rival

Audi could sell a sportscar pitched between the TT and the R8 supercar, company boss Martin Sander has confirmed to What Car?

Commenting on the much-rumoured 'R4', Sander said: 'We could sell it, but we need to work out how much space there is between the TT and the R8'.

Audi's UK head also admitted that the next R8 could go even more upmarket and be more powerful to create room for such a car. Previous reports have indicated that a mid-engined R4 could go on sale by 2015, and provide formidable competition for the Porsche Cayman.

The new sportscar is likely to share styling cues with the next-generation R8, which will hit showrooms around the same time. According to Sander, this car will not be 'radically different' from the current model. He said: 'The next-generation R8 should follow the TT and follow the same themes as the original.

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By Chas Hallett