Audi Q7 vs Volvo XC90

The Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90 are both popular choices, but which of these luxury SUVs is the better buy?...

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12 Dec 2015 20:40 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

What will they cost?

The Audi Q7 has the higher list price, but there's almost nothing between these cars after discounts and the Q7 is actually the more affordable option if you take out finance. With a £7500 deposit and three-year term of 12,000 miles per year it comes in at £667 a month, while the Volvo XC90 will set you back £700.

It’s the Q7, however, that will cost more to run over three years, whether you’re a private or company buyer. It’s hampered by higher insurance and VED costs, although it is cheaper to service.

Audi Q7 vs Volvo XC90

The Q7 also drinks more fuel. Our real-world True MPG testing highlighted that the Audi’s bigger engine will consume an extra £600 worth of diesel over 36k miles. Meanwhile company car users have to fork out an additional £1825 in benefit-in-kind (BIK) payments, because of the Q7’s higher CO2 emissions and list price

As you’d expect, the two cars come well equipped, with both getting a DAB radio, Bluetooth, LED headlights and a powered tailgate as standard. The Q7 is the only one that comes with four-zone climate control, but for £900 you can buy a pack for the XC90 that includes this and third-row air-con.

Both cars were awarded were awarded the maximum five-star Euro NCAP crash test ratin, although the XC90 scored slightly better for adult occupant and pedestrian protection, while the Q7 had the edge for child occupant protection.