Audi SQ5 review verdict and specs

The Audi SQ5 sits at the top of the Q5 range and is powered by a V6 petrol eng...

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Rory White
30 May 2016

Audi SQ5 review verdict and specs

Should I buy one?

Apart from the absence of the Virtual Cockpit display, this range-topping SQ5 is very well equipped: a DAB radio, electric leather seats, 20in alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors and climate control are just some of the features included as standard. So, although it costs slightly more than the GLC 43 or a Macan to buy, you won't feel shortchanged.

The SQ5 is also ferrociously fast, grips hard and produces a great noise, but the Macan is similarly quick and raucous while also offering better driver engagement. Sure, the GLC 43 is fastest of the three in a straight line, but it's neither as sharp nor as comfortable as either rival, while the SQ5 also has the most spacious interior and the best infotainment system.

However, unless you're desperate to move to petrol power, those with the faster, more efficient previous-generation SQ5 may want to wait until Audi launches a diesel version of this latest car.

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Rated 4 out of 5

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Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

Porsche Macan S

Audi SQ5

Engine size 3.0 turbo petrol

Price £51,200

Power 349bhp

Torque 369lb ft

0-62mph 5.4sec

Top speed 155mph

Gov't economy (official combined) 34.0mpg

CO2/BIK band 189g/km/36%

Insurance group  42

Doors 5

Seats 5

On sale June 2017