Best 7-seat SUVs and 4x4s 2021

Whether you're planning to carry seven people on a regular basis or just need an occasional third row of seats, there’s plenty of choice. But which SUVs are best - and which are best avoided?...

Best seven-seat SUVs
Best seven-seat SUVs

Gone are the days when anyone in the market for a seven-seater had to choose a boxy MPV. Now there are plenty of SUVs and 4x4s that give you the same sort of practicality but a lot more style. And they often have the added bonus of being able to tow a caravan or boat, or traverse a muddy field.

True, these are big cars, so you need to choose the right engine to avoid frightening fuel bills. But third-row passengers don’t have to feel second-class and there’s certainly no need to put up with an uncomfortable ride or spartan interior.

Here, then, we count down the top 10 seven-seat SUVs, and reveal the one to avoid. To read more about a particular car or secure a discount without any haggling, just click on the appropriate link.