Best and worst coupes 2018

If you're after a stylish coupé, check out our comprehensive rundown of the best models on the market, as well as the ones to avoid...

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Claire Evans
24 October 2017

Best and worst coupes 2018

The latest Audi TT is our favourite coupé and it's held on to the title of Coupé of the Year at the What Car? Awards for three years running. It's easy to love, brilliant to drive and won't break the bank. If you're looking for a coupé that gives sports car thrills but can also be driven every day, look no further.

Our pick 2.0 TFSI 230 Sport

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The coupés to avoid

Nissan 370Z

Best and worst coupes 2018

The 370Z might look good, but it's too far behind serious coupé rivals to be considered for this list.

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Infiniti Q60

Best and worst coupes 2018

Infiniti's Q60 is quick and refined, but its poor fuel economy and clunky infotainment system let it down.

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