Best and worst coupes 2019

If you're after a stylish coupé, check out our comprehensive rundown of the best models on the market, as well as the ones to avoid...

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Claire Evans
22 December 2018

BMW 4 Series Coupe vs Mercedes C-Class Coupe
BMW 4 Series Coupe vs Mercedes C-Class Coupe

If the BMW 4 Series earlier in this list doesn't float your boat, then consider its main rival. Based on the successful C-Class saloon, the coupé is best paired with a diesel engine. Specified with the optional air suspension, it successfully soaks up the worst of UK road imperfections. Its interior is also smartly laid out and the seats are comfortable.

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6. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

New Mercedes E-Class Coupe priced from £40,135

If the C-Class coupé isn't roomy enough for you, its big brother the E-Class coupé could fit the bill. It can be had with a wide range of engines, but the most popular is likely to be the E220d diesel, which feels nicely suited to the E-Class coupé. 

Although the big Merc coupé doesn't have the sharpest handling, it is a supremely quiet and comfortable place to while away the hours.  

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

The S-Class saloon represents the ultimate in limousine luxury, but if you want all that technology and luxury in a car that’s sportier to drive and more stylish to look at, there’s the two-door S-Class Coupé.

Like the saloon, the Mercedes S-Class Coupé is supremely refined, fast and crammed with technology. It's one of the best luxury coupés you can buy. 

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