Best and worst coupΓ©s 2017

If you're after a stylish coupΓ©, check out our comprehensive rundown of the best models on the market, as well as the ones to avoid

Words ByClaire Evans

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Best coupΓ©s 2016

CoupΓ©s are all about image and style. They're designed to look great and get heads turning as you drive by. Not long ago, such cars were often very expensive to buy and run, but, in recent years, more and more affordable coupΓ©s have come onto the market.

Such cars can also be practical and efficient to run, too, but the main focus is always on looks. Take a look below for our recommendations of the best coupΓ©s to buy right now, and the ones to avoid at all costs.

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The best coupΓ©s

10. Bentley Continental GT

Bentley's Continental GT is stylish, powerful and offers the kind of pace you'd usually expect from a sports car - even if it doesn't quite handle like one. Its interior is luxurious and comfortable, giving owners the perfect environment to cross entire continents with ease. Bentley customers can specify just about any luxury item they can think of, too, although the standard specification is very comprehensive.

Our pick: V8 S

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9. Jaguar F-Type CoupΓ©

The hard-top version of Jaguar's F-Type is among our favourite sports cars. It represents real value for money, too, because, with the range starting from Β£51,450, you get plenty of car and power for your money. Entry-level cars get every bit of kit you're likely to need, which makes up for the fact that the F-Type's boot and overall space isn't among the best in this class. Our favourite version is the 375bhp V6 S.

Our pick: 3.0 V6 SC

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8. Aston Martin DB11

James Bond fans will like the Aston Martin DB11, because it's every bit as suave and sophisticated as 007 himself. Two engines are available, and it’s the smaller V8 that we prefer because it’s lighter than the V12, making the car more agile. The V8 is also a bit more affordable than the V12 model, although at Β£144,900 without options it’s not going to be within the price range of many people.

Our pick: 4.0 V8

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Bentley Continental GT

What Car? SaysRated 3 out of 5
Owners sayRated 4 out of 5

The Bentley Continental GT might not be the best handling coupΓ©, but it excels in comfort and luxury. The V8 makes the most sense.