Best and worst electric and hybrid cars for reliability

Electric cars may offer cheap running costs, but they can be expensive to buy and have less range than cars with conventional engines. So they need to be reliable to keep buyers happy...

Toyota Prius Plug-in
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Claire Evans
25 Jan 2018 10:00

7. Toyota Prius 

Score 94.0%

Toyota Prius Plug-in

Only 12% of Priuses had a fault, and of those, the most common complaints were about the sat-nav. Other areas of concern included the air con, non-engine electrics and steering. All cars remained driveable, though, and all were repaired for free. 

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6. Lexus NX (2009-2017)

Score 96.6%

Lexus NX

Slightly more NXs had a problem (15%), but none of the areas affected were serious. They included the alarm system, bodywork, interior trim and wheels/tyres. All cars could still be driven and all were fixed under warranty. 

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5. Toyota Auris Hybrid

Score 96.7%

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Although 22% of Auris Hybrids had a problem, the most common issues were minor, affecting the bodywork and sat-nav. A small percentage of cars had problems with more serious components, such as the engine, gearbox and suspension. All cars remained driveable, and all were fixed the same day for free.