Best and worst electric and hybrid cars for reliability

Electric cars may offer cheap running costs, but they can be expensive to buy and have less range than cars with conventional engines. So they need to be reliable to keep buyers happy...

2017 Lexus IS300h review

4. Lexus IS 

Score 97.6%

2017 Lexus IS300h review

Only 8% of IS cars we were told about had a fault and the only problem areas were the battery and sat-nav. All cars were fixed in less than a week – half in less than a day – and most work was done under warranty.  

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

A mere 12% of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs experienced a fault, and the majority of those (8%) were with non-engine electrics. More than two-thirds of problems were sorted out the same day and almost all remedial work was covered by the warranty.

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2. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Score 98.2%

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid couldn’t quite replicate the 100% score of its petrol counterpart for reliability. However, only 14% had a fault and the problem areas were all minor; 7% concerned non-engine electrics, 4% bodywork and another 4% the fuel system. All cars were back on the road the same day and were fixed for free.