Best and worst hybrid cars 2018

Everyone from Toyota to Porsche sells hybrid cars these days, but which models should you consider and which should you avoid?...

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Steve Huntingford
26 Jul 2017 7:24 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Best and worst hybrid cars 2018

Like the i8, the BMW i3 is built from super-light carbonfibre and aluminium to offset the weight of its batteries, which are mounted below the floor to lower the centre of gravity and improve handling. There’s a fully electric version that offers a realistic range of up to 124 miles, or you can pay a bit more to get a range-extender with a two-cylinder petrol engine that can stop the batteries from running flat.

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3. Toyota Prius

Best and worst hybrid cars 2018

The latest Toyota Prius represents a significant step forward for the world’s best-selling hybrid car. It's even more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, equipment levels are impressive, and the interior is both more spacious and better finished than before. Perhaps more surprisingly, it's better to drive as well, allowing it to compete more closely with conventional rivals such as the Ford Focus and VW Golf.

Best and worst hybrid cars 2018

The Audi A3 is such a good car that it was named What Car? Car of the Year in 2013, and it remains our favourite family hatchback. This e-tron plug-in hybrid version is a more expensive private buy than our favourite petrol and diesel A3s, but it makes a very cheap company car. And while it’s closely related to the Volkswagen Golf GTE, it offers a classier interior and a slightly more comfortable ride.

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