Best and worst older large SUVs for reliability

A used large SUV may look like a tempting buy, but it'll be costly if it's prone to faults. We reveal the most dependable large SUVs - and the ones to avoid...

Audi Q5 (08 - 17)

4. Audi Q5 (2008-2017)

Reliability rating 89.6%

A little fewer than a third (30%) of Q5 owners reported a fault with their car, and areas of concern were split evenly between the exhaust, interior trim and suspension. All faulty cars could still be driven and most repairs were carried out in a single day. Repair bills ranged from less than £50 to £750. 

Used Honda CR-V vs Audi Q3 vs Toyota RAV4 vs Mazda CX-5

Only 17% of older RAV4s went wrong, with the exhaust and suspension being the only problem areas. All cars could still be driven and two thirds were back on the road the same day. Repair bills ranged from £101 to £500. 

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2. Honda CR-V (2012-2018)

Reliability rating 95.9%

Honda CR-V

The CR-V is ageing well; only 12% of cars suffered a fault and the only serious problem area was the gearbox. All of the cars could still be driven and were fixed in less than a week; more than half were fixed under warranty and no repair bills exceeded £500.