Best and worst older small cars for reliability

Small cars and city cars are often bought by new drivers or as family runabouts, so dependability is a top priority. Here we reveal the most and least reliable aged 4-10 years...

Hyundai i10 Hatchback (08 - 13)

5. Hyundai i10 2008-2013

What Car? reliability rating 90.4%

Almost 18% of i10s suffered a fault, with engine electrics the most frequently cited issue. A small percentage of owners also reported issues with the bodywork, brakes, engine, gearbox, steering and suspension. Two thirds of cars could still be driven, but most took a week or more to repair. Although more than half were fixed for free, other repair bills ranged from £101 to more than £1500. 

Used Audi A1 2010-present

What Car? reliability rating 85.9%

Almost a third (29%) of A1s had a problem, according to owners. The biggest area of concern was the exhaust, followed by the engine, fuel system and non-engine electrics. Half of the cars could still be driven and many were fixed in less than a week. Three quarters were repaired for free, with just a small number of owners paying up to £200. 

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3. Ford Fiesta petrol 2008-2017 

Ford Fiesta Hatchback (08 - 17)

What Car? reliability rating 93.1%

Petrol Fiestas are ageing more gracefully than diesel Fiestas, with 20% of owners reporting a problem compared with 28%. The two most frequently cited problem areas were the bodywork and suspension, followed by the battery and non-engine electrics. The vast majority of cars were still driveable and many were fixed the same day. Some were repaired for free and only a small percentage of owners had to pay more than £1500.   

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2. Honda Jazz 2008-2015

Honda Jazz (08 - 15)

What Car? reliability rating 94.2%

Only 9% of Jazz owners reported a fault on their car, citing the battery and gearbox as the most troublesome. A small percentage of owners also told us their cars had suffered issues with the brakes, engine, engine electrics and wheels and tyres. Two thirds of cars couldn't be driven, but a third were fixed the same day. A small percentage were fixed for free, but a small number of owners paid up to £1000. 

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1. Toyota Yaris 2011-present

2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid review

What Car? reliability rating 98.2%

Even fewer Yaris owners (8%) reported any faults with their cars. The battery and non-engine electrics were the only areas affected. All cars remained driveable and were fixed the same day, plus all work was done for free. 

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