Best and worst small automatic cars 2018

Which small car works best with an automatic gearbox? We name the best – and the worst...

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21 Jun 2016 10:22 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

1. Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI 110 SE DSG 5dr

Best and worst small automatic cars 2018

The Fabia is related to the Polo and uses the same DSG auto gearbox, but it's an even better all-rounder. Cheaper to buy and more enjoyable to drive, it also offers a sophisticated infotainment system, good resale values, a spacious interior and punchy, frugal engines. In fact, it's currently our Family Car of the Year for 2017.

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The small automatic cars to avoid

Seat Mii/Skoda Citigo/VW Up AST

Best and worst small automatic cars 2018

The Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo and VW Up are so closely related that you can choose any of them and get one of the best city cars on sale – unless you specify an automatic gearbox, that is. The 'box in question is actually an automated manual that's jerky enough to ruin the driving experience and make your passengers feel car sick.

Best and worst small automatic cars 2018

Expensive to buy and poor to drive, there are few redeeming qualities for Alfa's smallest car.

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