Best and worst small SUVs for reliability

Small SUVs are the cars everyone wants to be seen in. Find out which are the most - and least - reliable models in our round-up...

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross
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Claire Evans
13 Feb 2018 10:00

1. Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

Score 91.5%

Not a single Suzuki SX4 S-Cross caused its owner any trouble, making this not only one of our favourite budget small SUVs but also the class’s most reliable model. Indeed, many owners told us the thing they like best about their SX4 S-Cross is its durability.

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3. Honda HR-V

Score 90.2%

Brakes were the most common fault on the Honda HR-V, at 10%. Others included the bodywork, exhaust, sat-nav and wheels and tyres (all 7%). Three-quarters of the cars remained driveable and all were fixed under warranty.

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Jeep Renegade

2. Jeep Renegade

Score 87.3%

Nearly half (47%) of Jeep Renegades had problems; the gearbox/clutch, non-engine electrics, battery and sat-nav each accounted for 29%. Engine electrics were also mentioned. At least all cars could still be driven and were fixed for free.