Best (and worst) used luxury cars for £10,000

Luxury cars need to combine a sumptuous interior with a cosseting ride. Here, we count down the top 10 for £10k – and reveal the one to avoid...

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Mark Pearson
31 October 2016

Best (and worst) used luxury cars for £10,000

It might be hard to remember it now but the XF’s modern look was something of a radical departure for Jaguar when it was introduced in 2007. It still looks spot-on now and, in combination with our preferred 3.0-litre diesel, it’s a wonderfully good car, being fast, smooth, refined and economical. It’s great to drive, too, and the interior is swish with plenty of luxury items. For £10k, it’s a big cat for more than just the fat cats.

We found 3.0 TD V6 Luxury, 2010 (60), 66,000 miles, full service history, £9995

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3. Mercedes-Benz CLS

Best (and worst) used luxury cars for £10,000

The original CLS was one of the first of the new breed of four-door coupés designed to blend desirability with practicality. Underneath, it may be a little bit E-Class, but it rides and handles rather better than you’d expect. It’s quick and surprisingly refined in either petrol or diesel forms, and it adds a well-equipped, four-seat interior of immense plushness. Despite such smartness, the CLS was always reasonably good value to buy new and is now a bit of a bargain used.

Best (and worst) used luxury cars for £10,000

Let’s face it, you’d hard pushed to find a car at any price that has as broad a range of talents as the BMW 5 Series. For £10k, you should just about be able to buy the first of this sixth-generation model in our favourite 2.0-litre diesel form. It’s a marvellous driver’s car, especially when equipped with the adjustable suspension that we recommend, and it’s comfortable for passengers. Add to that its luscious and spacious interior, excellent ergonomics and class-leading iDrive infotainment system and it’s no wonder we rate this car so highly as a used buy.

We found 520d SE, 2011 (11), 70,000 miles, full service history, £10,000

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Best (and worst) used luxury cars for £10,000