Best cars for less than Β£250 per month

By buying your next car using a PCP finance deal, you could end up driving something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. These are our top 10 cars available for less than Β£250 per month

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7. Hyundai Ioniq 1.6 GDI Hybrid DCT SE

Target Price cost per month: Β£215 Target Price (on the road): Β£19,053 The deal: 3 years PCP finance with 4.9% APR and Β£500 finance deposit allowance

The Ioniq is three cars in one – it's available as a fully electric car, a plug-in hybrid and a conventional hybrid. It's the third option we have here, and that means suitably low running costs with a decent driving style, especially if you'll mainly be driving around town. SE models are a bit basic inside, though, so you might want to add a few options.

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6. Volkswagen Passat Estate 2.0 TDI SE Business

Target Price cost per month: Β£230 Target Price (on the road): Β£18,826 The deal: 3 years PCP finance with 5.8% APR and Β£4000 finance deposit allowance

The Passat Estate is a great choice if you regularly need to move a lot of luggage, because its boot is vast. It also offers a strong range of engines, of which our favourite is the 2.0-litre diesel you get with this deal. SE Business models also come with sat-nav and front foglights.

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5. Skoda Kodiaq 1.4 TSI S

Target Price cost per month: Β£211 Target Price (on the road): Β£18,870 The deal: 3 years PCP finance with 5.8% APR and Β£2000 finance deposit allowance

The fact that you can drive something as spacious and as impressive as the Skoda Kodiaq large SUV for less than Β£250 per month shows why PCP deals are so popular. Granted, you can only get a 1.4-litre petrol engine and the most basic S trim for this budget, but you still get air conditioning and keyless start as standard. Note, though, that you can't have seven seats at this level.

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