The best car interiors

With drivers spending more than a day a year sitting in traffic jams, we reveal the best car interiors in every class

Words By Steve Huntingford

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Large SUV

Best: Audi Q5

Audi's habit of showing other manufacturers how to make a car look and feel good inside continues with the Q5. Press something that’s meant to move, such as a switch, and without exception it will click with precision. Press something that’s not meant to move and it won’t, because the fixtures and fittings are really robust. Noise is really well supressed at speed, too, partly due to the standard acoustic glazing on the windscreen.

Also consider: Skoda Kodiaq; Volvo XC60

Luxury SUV

Best: Bentley Bentayga

The materials around you are what elevate the Bentayga above other SUVs, with leather and veneer, turned aluminium air vents and their organ stop adjusters all reminding you that this is a car that has had a lot of attention paid to its creation. There is a tremendous feeling of quality, especially the detail on the chrome bezels on the switches and on some of the panels.

Also consider: Audi Q7; Porsche Macan

Estate car

Best: BMW 5 Series Touring

There’s no danger of you feeling short-changed when climbing into your new 5 Series Touring, because all of the materials feel of suitably high quality. What's more, this big estate is equally impressive on the move; it's exceptional at keeping road and wind noise outside.

Also consider: Audi A6 Avant; Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

Executive car

Best: Audi A4

The A4’s dashboard, and its interior as a whole, is a smorgasbord of soft-touch materials and well-damped switches. Real metal trims on the centre console and wood veneer across the dashboard add to the ambience, and the overall fit and finish is a grade or two above every other car in this class, with minuscule panel gaps throughout the interior.

Also consider: Audi A3 Saloon; Volkswagen Passat

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