Best cars for towing 2018

Whether you're planning to tow a light trailer, a giant twin-axle caravan, or something in between, these are the models you should be considering

Words By David Motton

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Jaguar F-Pace 3.0D S

  • List price: Β£52,665
  • Target Price: Β£51,762
  • Kerbweight 1884kg
  • 85% match: 1601kg
  • Max towing weight 2400kg
  • Towball limit 100kg

Without any doubt, the Jaguar F-Pace was one of the stand-out cars of this year's tests. Every one of our drivers had Jag's SUV at the top of this class, often by some margin.

It's stable, and quick with it. Even in strong crosswinds which had other cars wavering the F-Pace stayed straight and true. It doesn't take long to reach the legal limit, even while towing, thanks to the strength of the 3.0-litre diesel engine.

In everyday driving, the F-Pace is rewarding to drive, with remarkable agility and poise for an SUV of this size. What's more, with the adaptive suspension of S spec, it offers a surprisingly supple ride for such a sporty car.

Inside, there's plenty of space front and rear, although as with the XF the F-Pace isn't as well finished as its key German rivals. However, the boot is a healthy size, making the F-Pace a practical tow car as well as an entertaining one.

Tow Car Awards verdict: Superb to drive, with or without a trailer.

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1900kg+ and overall winner

Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TD6 HSE

List price: Β£58,795 Target Price: Β£58,795 Kerbweight: 2298kg 85% match: 1953kg Max towing weight: 3500kg Towball limit: 195kg

The new Land Rover Discovery had a tough act to follow. The old model may have slipped down the pecking order as an all-round SUV, but as a tow car it still set the standard.

Like its predecessor, the new Discovery feels stable at speed. At the test track we've taken the Land Rover beyond the motorway limit and it felt secure, even while towing a big twin-axle caravan.

We usually carry out our hill-start test on a 1-in-6 slope. It was so easy for the Discovery that we tried the same test on a 1-in-3. Again, the big Land Rover coped with ease.

As a tow car, the new Discovery cements its predecessor's reputation. But it's in other ways that the new Discovery had made a great leap forward. As an everyday drive, today's Discovery is considerably more quiet at high speeds and feels more wieldy, thanks it part to its much reduced kerbweight.

The interior is far better finished than before, and it's easier to make the most of the available space.

Finally, economy and emissions – weak points for the old model – are much improved. In short, the Discovery is now much better rounded and the best tow car you can buy.

Tow Car Awards verdict: A worthy overall winner of the Tow Car Awards 2017.

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