What's the best dash cam for less than Β£150?

Words By Doug Revolta

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7. Garmin Dash Cam 30

Price Β£88.70

What Car? says...

Rated 3 out of 5

Garmin’s dash cam is a solid and reliable product. It records in 1080p resolution and has a small 1.4in display screen with buttons up the side to help configure the settings. It’s a slick looking unit but the screen is very small and it misses out on safety features which the more expensive Dash Cam 35 gets. It’s a no frills dash cam, but the footage is crisp and clear and it’s capable of taking up to 64GB of footage, as long as you buy a MicroSD of that size. However, for this money there are other dash cams that have more features, and it's not quite cheap enough to compensate for that.

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6. RAC 05

Price Β£114.98

What Car? says...

Rated 4 out of 5

The standout feature on the RAC 05 dash cam is its ultra high definition recording quality. While most dash cams in this price bracket record in 1080p, the RAC’s dash cam records in 1296p. This means that the footage is very clear, and number plates are easy to pick out when you review the footage, but it does make the video file size quite big. It can take up to 64GB of storage with an appropriate memory card, and you can change what quality it records in through the settings to reduce the file size if needed.

It has lots of safety features, including speed camera alerts and forward collision warning, and it also handily shows what your average speed is when you’re travelling through a stretch of average speed cameras. It has a display which helpfully shows changes in speed limits, and the buttons either side of the screen mean you can adjust all the settings on it easily without having to use an app or connect it to a computer.

The main drawback for the RAC 05 is the mounting arm. It is a bit fiddly to use and isn’t very durable.

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5. Roadhawk Vision

Price Β£127.46

What Car? says...

Rated 4 out of 5

While lots of dash cams have a display screen so you can see what it’s recording, the Roadhawk Vision goes without. The result is that it is much more subtle on your windscreen, but unless you use the app you can’t be sure of whether the frame is set up correctly. Luckily the free-to-download app is very easy to use and lets you preview the image it sees, control settings on it and download footage directly from the camera.

It also means that, without the need for a screen, the product is very small. It’s discreet targeted mainly at business users, and it's easy to mount on the windscreen - it does however have an adhesive sticker rather than a sucker so it isn’t as easy to regularly take it off and put it on. It doesn’t have the safety features that some of the other products offer, but if you are just after a subtle dash cam then it’s brilliant. Another plus is that it comes with an 8GB memory card, and it can support a whopping 128GB card if you buy one separately. It can record up to 1296p and works well in low light too. It’s expensive though, especially because it doesn't offer the additional safety features some of the other dash cams do.

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