Best first cars for new drivers 2018

The best first cars combine safety and style with affordability – both in terms of price and running costs. Here are our recommendations...

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21 Mar 2016 12:39 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Best first cars for new drivers 2018

Essentially the same car as the VW Up, the Mii feels a bit cheaper inside, but undercuts its sister car on price and is just as good to drive. Both three- and five-door versions are available.

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5. Skoda Citigo

The third member of the family of cars that also includes the Seat Mii and Volkswagen Up, the Citigo is the cheapest of the lot. It's fun to drive, well built and has exceptionally low running costs.

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4. Skoda Fabia

The Fabia was our 2015 Car of the Year, and it remains our favourite small car. Its blend of competitive pricing, good resale values, spacious interior and clean, frugal engines mean it should be at or near the top of your list.

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