Best handheld vacuum cleaners 2019 - Group Test

Tired of dragging your bulky household vacuum cleaner around your car's interior? Find out what the best handheld vacuum cleaners are in our product test...

Best handheld vacuum cleaners 2017 - Group Test


1. Gtech Multi MK2

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2. Hoover Discovery

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3. Dyson V8 Absolute

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The Gtech Multi MK2 takes top honours in our test, thanks to its great flexibility, powerful performance and impressive value. A close second is the Hoover, which offers similarly impressive results but isn’t quite as easy to use and, as it’s slightly more expensive, we’d stick with the Gtech. The Hoover’s attachments are great for household use, though.

The Dyson is brilliant but ultimately too expensive to recommend ahead of the Gtech and Hoover options. If your budget can stretch to it, though, you won’t be disappointed. The best of the cheaper options is the Halfords rechargeable vacuum.

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